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What is Coworking?

So, you know when you’ve been working at home for days on end and you’re starting to feel you have cabin fever? Or maybe you have ankle biters at home, needy dogs or people that don’t remember or respect that you have work to do? Not a good space to be productive...

Coworking spaces are where people from different businesses come together to work in one shared space. It's not your typical office either, it's more casual and has a great community atmosphere where you can chat with other like-minded people, make new friends, collaborate on projects or just have a coffee break together.

And, there are usually some perks like free coffee, fast Wi-Fi and cool office decor. So if you're tired of working in isolation, consider joining a coworking space - it may just change your work life for the better!

At Greenbrae Steading we have a cozy office area, complete with woodburning stove, great coffee from Greenbridge Organics and a growing community of supportive coworkers. We offer a flexible and affordable solution to your homeworking woes!

If you have questions or would like to book a tour – or become a member – why not get in touch with owner Lucy today?

Tel: 07720850676


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