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In Moray for a ‘Working Holiday’ or a Road Trip? 

If you’re away from home and looking for the perfect workspace while visiting Moray, why not book a ‘hot desk?’ 

For some people, growing a thriving business is all about work/life balance.  Maybe you find it hard to take a proper break from work – you just need a few quiet hours of focused time (even when you’re away), so that you can keep on top of your business? 

It might be that you’re a Digital Nomad, always on the road working from new locations. You could be in the region for a one-off (or regular) business trip around Scotland.  Or perhaps, you’re simply visiting Moray on holiday? 


In all these scenarios our ‘hot desks’ offer the perfect temporary office space for you to set aside time to get organised, find focus and tick off some key tasks, away from other distractions. 

Half-day desk hire costs £12.50 / full day costs £22. 

Our peaceful coworking space is an ideal place to come and get stuff done while in Moray, no matter whether you’re passing through, here for the day, or on holiday for a week or two.  


In addition to desk space, our cozy office offers excellent Wi-Fi, good coffee, plenty of natural light and quite frankly (even though we do say so ourselves) amazing views across the Moray Firth.  

You might also have the chance to meet new people (who doesn’t love a bit of incidental networking) - so you could even grow your network of local connections whilst you’re here!  Book your desk here.

Maybe your short visit to Moray is all about visiting sales prospects and meeting potential clients in Moray for the first time?  

Again, we can help you.   

A Flexible Coworking Space

Our spacious Showroom and smaller ‘Hutties’ offer two alternative types of low-cost meeting space.  So, whether it’s an important one-to-one meeting or an ‘off-site’ location to pitch to the board of directors, we have the right facilities to help you win your next client. 

Desk rentals are available to hire on a half-day or full-day basis and include bottomless tea and coffee.    


The Showroom costs £60 half day / full day £120 


Private Office - £25 half day / full day £50 

Session Hours

4 hour sessions - 9am - 1pm / 1pm - 5pm / 5pm - 9pm

8 hour sessions - 9am - 1pm / 1pm - 5pm

Our Other Spaces

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