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10 Reasons to Cowork at Greenbrae Steading

As the temperature remains low and the days remain short, finding the motivation to work can be a challenge. 

Although it may be tempting to go into hibernation mode, why not try coworking at Greenbrae Steading this winter.

Our cozy and bright office area comes complete with a woodburning stove, great coffee and importantly other people to work alongside. 

We offer a range of flexible desk hire options so whether you need a full-time workspace or just a few days a week, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are our members own top ten reasons for coming to Greenbrae Steading:


1.        Company (get together) - “There’s always a warm welcome and it doesn’t matter what my mood’s like when I arrive, I always leave feeling better!”

2.       Get out of the house – “I need a change of scenery and it’s such a lovely setting with sea views and rainbows – it can be quite mezmerising”

3.       Cozy – “Why heat your own home while Greenbrae has wood burners?”

4.       Productivity – “I get stuff done when I'm at Greenbrae!”

5.       Networking opportunities – “I’ve grown my business since being a member”

6.       Coffee and snacks – “Always some goodies on offer and a lovely cuppa too”

7.       Fun – “There's a real camaraderie among the members”

8.       Wi-Fi - “It’s great to have a backup.  Plus, if it ever goes wrong it’s not my problem to fix!”

9.       Professionalism - “It feels like ‘coming into the office’ – a pretty cool one at that”

10.    Join a community - “I feel ‘part of the gang’  When I go out networking I often run into (or can pre-arrange to meet with) my Greenbrae pals.”


What’s more, it’s affordable.  Our annual membership costs just £60 per year and that gives you access to the best prices on the hire of our desks. All of these costs are tax deductible.

Why don’t you become a member and unlock all of these benefits for you and your small business?

Follow the link to get started:

Get together at Greenbrae Steading

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