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We help you in the following ways...

Coworking desks where you can work alongside other small business owners.  

Hutties where you can start to meet your clients in a private and professional space, rather than at home or in a coffee shop.  

A modern, spacious and stylish room for team meetings, away days and small community events. You can hire The Showroom for your own workshops, business and personal events.  

Member meet ups where we help you get to know other small business owners and offer the opportunity to showcase your business.  

Finally, our new online directory where you can list your business alongside many other Moray based businesses and become more visible.  


Nestled between the villages of Hopeman and Burghead with stunning views of the Moray Firth, Greenbrae Steading offers perfect space to get together and grow your business. 

Join our vibrant community of like-minded people and small business owners, Greenbrae Steading provides the perfect setting to help you and your business flourish.  

Get Together at Greenbrae Steading 

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Become a Member and see the benefits


Our flexible spaces can accommodate all of your needs. 

The Office is a relaxing space to work with natural light

and an open plan kitchen.

The Showroom provides more space for meetings, trainings, and events.

The Hutties are perfect for consultations, one to one meetings or a quiet space to get stuff done and take personal calls.


The Courtyard is a relaxing outdoor seating area with views of the Moray firth - a space to breathe!

Greenbrae Steading

The Office

Greenbrae Steading

The Showroom

Greenbrae Steading

The Hutties

Greenbrae Steading


See what other people are saying about Greenbrae Steading!

Greenbrae Steading

"Absolutely amazing space! Such a nice change from the office setup I have in our spare room. "


Pascobi Design

Greenbrae Steading

"First visit today and what an incredible space to interact with other like minded individuals."



Greenbrae Steading

"Awesome find on my hols..... Great craic, a Co-working space and coastline views."

Darren Nicol


Greenbrae Steading


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Imagine that more people knew about your small business? If you are working from home, your business relies on social media and online connections, but that’s not all there is to small business marketing.  

Small businesses can really benefit if they surround themselves with a community. If you work where other people are working guess what, more people get to know you and your business. People buy from people. It doesn’t really feel like marketing but it is!  

Here at Greenbrae Steading, we provide support to small businesses to help them grow their network of connections and raise their visibility.  

Becoming a member of the Greenbrae Steading small business community might be the best marketing spend your business ever makes. 

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